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Become the leading marketplace for engineering products from Europe to Global Customers

HIZEEM marketplace offers a streamlined export documentation process, ensuring your engineering products reach Global Markets effortlessly. We handle all necessary paperworks, so you can focus on your core business, making International Trade HASSLE-FREE.

Language barriers can hinder effective communication when selling engineering products through a marketplace. Clear multilingual information and support are crucial for a positive customer experience.

HIZEEM is your go-to source for high-quality engineering products.

We offer a comprehensive range of precision tools, machinery, and eco-friendly solutions at competitive prices.

  • Our dedicated team is here to ensure your success by providing expert guidance and unwavering support.

  • At HIZEEM, we simplify the path to engineering excellence.

  • Contact us today to streamline your projects and experience innovation meeting precision.

Welcome to HIZEEM– where your success is our priority!


We Want To Provide One Stop Solution For All Engineering Products To Provide Seamless Export.

We Have Made Innovation Our Habit. It’s Not Something That We Just Strive For – We Live By This Principle Every Day.

woman in blue long sleeve shirt sitting beside man in blue dress shirt
woman in blue long sleeve shirt sitting beside man in blue dress shirt

Engineered by Hizeem.

Hizeem Crafting Excellence.

Hizeem Engineering Precision Perfected.

HIZEEM offer cost-effective engineering solutions through strategic partnerships. Our carefully cultivated ties with trusted manufacturers enable us to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

HIZEEM marketplace offers a streamlined end-to-end delivery solution for your engineering products, from sourcing to doorstep delivery, we ensure a seamless process, saving you time and ensuring product quality and reliability.


Hizeem HQ, Berlin

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white and black round pendant

Energy Research Center, Rostock

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blue and white abstract art

Tech Center, Hamburg


HIZEEM offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of our clients. From expert technical support and product customization to ensure the perfect fit for your project, to timely and efficient product delivery, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Our team of skilled engineers and technicians are always available to assist with product selection, troubleshooting, and installation guidance, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for our valued customers.


HIZEEM'S engineering products are built to the highest standards of quality and are designed to be reliable in even the most demanding conditions.


HIZEEM is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the engineering industry.


HIZEEM products incorporate the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology to ensure that you have access to the most efficient and effective tools available.


We are always looking for skilled engineers to join our team. If you think you’d make a good fit, have a look at our open positions, or leave an unsolicited application.

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