Mubashir is a humble person and is known as a Multi Domain Expert when it comes to business. He has acquired immense knowledge in Technology, Planning, Analytics, Marketing, Operations etc. and have helped many Start-up's become successful in E-commerce and Healthcare domain.

Started from a Tech job in India 17 years ago to travelling the world and working with the biggest companies like Wolt,, Flipkart Etc. as their Head of Planning. His desire was always to do something for the people and planet. is an opportunity where he can combine his passion with his attitude to help people and bring together world class minds to achieve excellence by experimenting on ideas without the fear of failure.

Managing the Risks...

Great ideas are converted into reality with hard work, & courageous, loyal & intelligent people. We hire those who value equality, family and are bold to take risk. We strictly do not follow "Boss is always right" and nurture the talent with compulsory learning everyday for 1 hour and encourage that learning to be passed on others.

At HIZEEM, we strive to gain knowledge and master the current technology that exist and then build on top of it to gain the edge over our competitors. It is inevitable that bigger players in the market are also focusing on clean energy however we know for sure that no company is 100% efficient. With higher the magnitude, slower the execution becomes and decline in efficiency is inevitable.

We can achieve better product in much less time and in less budget. We have a strict budget roll out and always focus on value which comes by the right mix of Innovation, Quantity, Quality, Price & Customer Experience.

Believe in people,
Support the community &
Save the Planet...
Know the MAN behind the scene...
Excellence is achieved with continuous learning, experiment and by overcoming fear of failure.

How we nurture Talent...

Steps towards the Future...

Our goals are broken into a yearly plan with achieving excellence in product and services. Expansion will occur once we have tested our product rigorously and have taken feedback from our loyal customers. We set our eyes on the horizon with maximum focus on innovation through technology. In the next 2 years, we will be top innovators using SUAWE (Sun & Wave) tech and will start large scale production for local consumers.

Predict the future by creating it

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